What are the Dimensions of Wellness?

what are the dimensions of wellness?

What are the Dimensions of Wellness?

In our Healthy Living section, we’ve been exploring the dimensions of wellness in-depth – including exercise, nutrition, and mental health. But what do all of these dimensions have in common? They are interconnected; they’re interdependent on one another and affect each other in fundamental ways. Learn more about the three dimensions of wellness (physical, emotional, and spiritual) and how they can help you live your best life!

Dimension 1

Physical. By following a healthy diet, incorporating physical activity and rest into your routine, and eliminating bad habits like smoking or excessive drinking, you’ll see an increase in your energy levels as well as a decrease in stress-related symptoms like headaches and insomnia. You might notice better digestion, an increase in productivity, or an overall sense of well-being. If you follow these dimensions consistently and early on, they’ll become lifelong habits that will support all other dimensions of wellness.

Dimension 2

Form – With form, we’re thinking about how you position yourself physically. Are you sitting up straight or slouching forward, with your chin tucked down toward your chest? People who practice yoga or Pilates probably already know how important it is to keep good posture and tend to have a taller frame. If they fall asleep on an airplane with their neck craned downward, in addition to being uncomfortable, they wake up hunched over.

Dimension 3

The person’s habits: This dimension talks about how changing your habits can change your life. Every habit has three parts: a cue, a routine, and a reward. For example, when you wake up in the morning, you might feel uncomfortable and hungry (cue), so you eat breakfast (routine) to get rid of those uncomfortable feelings (reward). But what if you ate a snack before bedtime? Or had something to drink with dinner instead of eating dessert?

Dimension 4

What are the Dimensions of Wellness?
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‘Living Well’: Even though we spend a lot of time focused on how much sleep we get, or whether we’re hitting our protein goals, looking at health through the lens of living well can help us step back and remember that a day isn’t just about numbers; it’s about how you feel. So don’t just focus on checking off a bunch of checkboxes: rather, choose to live life to its fullest and see where that takes you.

Dimension 5

Living Well – Living well means living a life that’s happy, healthy, and harmonious. It’s about having a positive outlook on your future, feeling secure with yourself, and being around other people who encourage you to succeed and be your best self. A lot of people confuse living well with wealth; in fact, these concepts aren’t related.

Dimension 6+

RELATIONSHIPS – to stay well, you need relationships. They provide love and support and encourage us to stay connected. But we all have different styles of relating. To build relationships that provide real meaning and sustenance, you need to know your style as well as others’ styles. You will learn techniques for improving communication in all types of relationships to get what you want from others or yourself.

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