4 Things Teen Boys Can Do to Protect Their Skin

4 Things Teen Boys Can Do to Protect Their Skin

4 Things Teen Boys Can Do to Protect Their Skin

Most teenage boys don’t worry too much about their skincare or appearance, yet they are still susceptible to acne and other skin problemsβ€”not to mention, a pimple or two can wreak havoc on your self-esteem! Fortunately, there are several simple things you can do to protect your skin and keep it healthy and looking great. Here are four of them…

1) Use sunscreen every day

Even if you aren’t spending a lot of time outdoors, ultraviolet (UV) rays from indoor sources like lamps and fluorescent lights can still damage your skin. And because UV damage builds up over time, it’s important for teensβ€”regardless of their skin toneβ€”to protect themselves with daily sunscreen use. Some experts also recommend avoiding tanning beds at all costs. These devices are notorious for causing wrinkles, dryness, age spots, and even cancer; according to a study published in JAMA Dermatology, people who have been exposed to tanning beds before age 35 have double the risk of developing melanoma.
To get safe sun exposure without damaging your skin or worsening existing issues, spend more time outside on sunny days when UV levels are lower. Plan outdoor activities with friends during these times as well, which will help you get more vitamin D while enjoying some fun socializing.

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2) Don’t pick your skin

Guys, stop! It doesn’t matter if it’s ingrown hair or some other irritation you can barely feel, it is not a good idea. Picking at your skin can lead to scarring and premature aging. If something feels like it needs attention, go see a dermatologist. There are treatments for virtually any skin condition out there today, especially for common issues like pimples and blackheads. Be sure to treat your face gently by washing it twice daily with a gentle cleanser. You don’t want to dry out your skin more than necessary, but you should be removing dirt and bacteria that might be clogging pores; make sure that you stay within recommended limits of soap (usually no more than one small pump) and water (enough so that lather appears). We don’t need much exfoliation in our teen years but when we hit adulthood we should start using quality exfoliators regularly. Exfoliating even just once weekly will help keep pores clear which will reduce acne breakouts tremendously. Don’t forget sunscreen: Even though teenagers typically love to bask in sunlight every chance they get, it’s important to remember sun protection.

3) Keep it clean

If you’re a teen boy, your skin is at its most susceptible point. Just like a car with low oil will eventually break down, so will your skin if you don’t take proper care of it. Washing with warm water and avoiding hot showers can keep your pores unclogged, which prevents pimples from forming. It’s also important to avoid picking or squeezing pimplesβ€”this only worsens inflammation and opens up new holes for bacteria to seep into. When all else fails, popping a few pimples in a pinch isn’t such a bad ideaβ€”but doing it regularly can lead to acne scarring over time. Consider what you put on your face: Not all moisturizers are created equal; some could be toxic, especially if they contain parabens or fragrances (both known allergens). Some dermatologists even recommend choosing natural products without harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances for teensβ€”even for those who have adult-level acne problems. Use sunscreen: Your teenage years are prime time for sun damage, as new moles are still forming on your body.

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4) Wear sunglasses

UV rays damage skin cells, leading to wrinkles and other blemishes. Wearing sunglasses outside is a cheap and easy way for teen boys to protect their skin, even if they aren’t going to be in direct sunlight for long periods of time. When you’re choosing your shades, look for ones that block 99-100% of UVB rays. And don’t forget SPF! Sunglasses don’t block all UV rays, so make sure you choose a facial moisturizer with SPF when you’re out enjoying the sunshine! Sunscreen shouldn’t be used just during sun exposure; it should actually be applied every day to keep your skin healthy. Look for moisturizers that are lightweight (they shouldn’t feel heavy on your face) and non-greasy. They should also come with antioxidants because these will help keep your skin looking youngβ€”and prevent things like age spots from forming over time! Some good ingredients include vitamin C or green tea extract; also check labels to see what active ingredients have been included to minimize acne or oily skin while treating it at the same time. You can check with professional beauty brands such as Clinique or Bare Minerals, but there are tons of ways you can find products that suit your needs without paying premium prices!

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